Izzy’s First Fish

Several days ago, I posted a story about my Grandpa Hessey. The events described occurred a long time ago. As we all know, time scorches by. I am now a Grandfather, commonly known in the family as Oompah. My first grandchild, Izzy, was born very early. She weighed 1 lb. 11 oz. Her home for the first several months was Children’s Hospital. Since my law office is only a few blocks away from Children’s, Izzy and I spent many weekday lunch hours holding hands through the holes in the side of her isolette. No doubt there are a few nurses in the ICU who remember a white-haired grandfather singing songs to his new granddaughter.

She has done so well. Nate and Amanda, her Daddy and Mommy, are such great parents. She has blessed our lives in ways unimagined by us until she arrived. But of course, I could not wait to see Izzy catch her first fish. Patience has never been one of my virtues, but Izzy made every day waiting for her to be big enough to go fishing with her Grandpa a day worth remembering. She has been the focal point of many happy and joyous moments for her Oompah and those who love her! For example,

Izzy took me to the Worthington Memorial Day Parade.

Keeping A Close Eye  On The Parade Action

Keeping A Close Eye On The Parade Action

Izzy introduced me to the stylish new hairdos of bathing infants in America.

Is There An Electric Current In This Bathtub?

Is There An Electric Current In This Bathtub?

Izzy makes Lauri, her Mimi, very happy and in turn that makes me very happy.

I Love You Mimi!

I Love You Mimi!

Izzy loves to flirt with Oompah in her sunglasses.

Looking Awesome!

Looking Awesome!

Izzy helped Oompah recover from knee replacement surgery by joining me for long peaceful naps on the front porch.

Nap Time - Nothing Better

Nap Time – Nothing Better

Izzy takes me to eat ice cream.



Izzy tucks me in bed when she gets her sleeper on and combs out her hair for the night.

Night Night!!

Night Night!!

But time passed quickly and a couple of weeks ago the big day for catching her first fish arrived. Her Daddy, Nate, my Mom and Dad, and I were allowed to go along. I had fished this gorgeous farm pond a couple of weeks earlier and I knew Izzy’s chances of success were extremely high and warned everyone to pay attention because catching that first fish would not take long. Our cameras and cell phones were ready to capture the action. Nate was of course in charge. I hope you enjoy seeing Izzy catch her first fish at age 3 as much as the rest of us did.

6 thoughts on “Izzy’s First Fish

    • Actually, I cannot take credit. I emailed the videos to Julie and she rotated them. But none the less there they are! Had a 17 hour travel day yesterday. Made our connection in Denver with one minute to spare but here we sit in Fairbanks, Alaska!

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