Ginny Rowe Creates New Catfish Catching Method

Young Ginny (00042402)

As all parents know, teaching your children to fish does not mean that the teacher will participate in the angling. We have five children- four sons and one daughter. As I was taught to fish at an early age by my Grandpa Hessey, I could not wait to take my children fishing. Being an eternal optimist, I was convinced that while helping the kids fish by extending cane poles, tying on hooks and bobbers, putting on bait, removing wriggling fish, all the while trying to keep the kids from falling in a pond or river, I could still catch a fish or two myself. How wrong I was!

But Ginny proved to be a very adept student!

Ginny 1988 Bluegill

However, I am sure she never enjoyed taking a caught fish off the hook.

Ginny Fish On Shore (00042403)

As all parents know, whether or not lessons taught our children are carried foward into adulthood is often not known until years later. Recently, I learned that my daughter, Ginny, was fishing with friends at Indian Lake in central Ohio. Little did I know that her early fishing instruction would lead to creating a new and unique method of catching fish. I received a text from her describing her gift to the angling world. Let me describe it in her own words!

“Caught two catfish. Jessica caught this one. Video of us trying to get it off the hook. We needed a boy to help! The fish was caught using a very advanced “hot dog on hook” method. Hooked it through the eye… Was so grossed out by it’s whiskers and the fact that it was hooked in the eye that I couldn’t even try to take it off the hook. Needed my bad ass Mom’s help with that part!”

Makes a Father proud!

Ginny Rowe Making Their Eye Sore Employing The Hot Dog On Hook Method

Ginny Rowe Making Their Eye Sore Employing The Hot Dog On Hook Method

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