Chuck Sheley – A kind hearted man who catches very big fish!

Snook Chck Sheley

Chuck’s 32 pound, 44 inch snook

Good friend Chuck Sheley underwent knee replacement surgery yesterday so all good anglers should keep Chuck in mind. Chuck is 87 years old and the toughest fisherman and kindest man I have ever met.

Chuck has fished for over 35 years with guide, Steve Huff. These years have been spent in the Florida Keys and the Everglades. Pictured above is a snook of over 30 pounds which Chuck caught and remains the largest snook ever caught on Steve’s skiff. Steve is a world-class guide and Chuck is a world-class angler. Chuck has also caught a bonefish which was estimated at over 17 pounds while fishing with guide, Dale Perez, in the Keys. Of course all of us who are his fishing companions argued that the fish could not have weighed over 12 pounds. Oh how we wish the Boga grips had been on board! Chuck has also caught two permit on the same day in the Keys each weighing over 30 pounds. We all know that old saying that “I would rather be lucky than good” but in Chuck’s case he is both.

Those of us who have had the good fortune of fishing with Chuck know that he will not step down off the bow of a bonefish skiff no matter how tired he is or how slow the fishing might be. This is a man who loves fishing and believes that the next cast will bring a great fish. Chuck treats each fish that he catches with affection, respect and care.

So Chuck, rehabilitate well because on the first Monday of November we will be fishing in the Everglades. We cannot fish without you!

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