Guide speak

Steve Huff is simply the best salt water flats guide ever. Steve was recently inducted into the IGFA Hall of Fame.

Steve Huff

Steve Huff delivers IGFA Hall of Fame acceptance speech


When fishing with Steve, you know that the time of day affects word choice as an early morning shot at a bonefish goes awry. Early in the day, anglers know that optimism is in abundant supply. That optimism is reflected by Steve’s standard line when his angler blows an early in the day shot. It goes something like this, “we’ll get em!”

Scan0014 (2)

Steve Huff holds my first Permit!


Sometimes, however, the early blown shot happens to be the only one of the day until what I affectionately refer to as “last chance time”. When fishing with Huff, the last shot always happens as the sun is dropping below the horizon. The angler’s senses are sharpened by the knowledge that Steve’s skiff is the last on the water. No other angler will have this chance because all the other guides are at the dock and their anglers at the bar. A fish caught on the last shot is always the most memorable. Perhaps because you know life promises no next shot.

Scan0018 (2)

A Keys sunset as we scan for the last tailing bonefish..” Last chance time”


If I screw up the that last chance with a bad cast or some other angling mishap, Steve’s words are terse, short and to the point – “Forget it!” If the last chance happens to be to a fish that does not want to eat, the words are different, “Sorry, guys, I hate to leave with fish around but it is already dark!”

Steve Huff lends a hand (00053735@xC4F0B)

Steve Huff lends a hand as we recover from one of my many angling mishaps1! Long Key Bight, Florida Keys



Guide speak!

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